Draft Logo

Logo-Draft-feb22This is my first attempt at my own logo. This was also my first time playing with Illustrator in over a year and a half. I drew on inspiration from logo design trends that play on simplicity and clean lines.

Here’s a really cool article you can check out to see what’s big in 2016 logos.


I chose the colors of black and white for simplicity and sea green is my favorite color. I used my middle name “Erin” instead of my last name “Dankberg” because I felt that it fit better with the design.

Professionally, I want to develop more skills in graphic design and feel that this is a solid representation of what I’d like my style to be. I love the recent trends towards flat, scalable logos. Additionally, negative space is a great way to experiment with different platforms for a design.

I created the design using the rectangle and type tools in illustrator. I started with a basic black rectangle and then used the type tool to write out my title. I changed the fonts to be all white (negative space) except for three iterations of “b” “r” and “i” which I put in sea green to spell out my first name twice. Then I used the line tool to draw another set of black lines to add dimension and then a green square to accent their intersection.

The initial design involved a circle with my initials in the center and some kind of floral background to the circle. This┬ádesign was really cool in my head, but I unfortunately lack the Illustrator skills to make it a reality. I’m constantly finding myself drawn to art that uses negative space, geometry and bright watercolor patterns. My favorite colors in these are the strong blacks and reds that tend to contrast the happy pastels you often see. I would love to bring this to life in some of my own graphic design one day.

In the next draft I want to play with colors a little more and try and incorporate more feeling to the logo. Right now, it’s a little generic.