why the Future?

So why did I decide to spend an entire semester talking about my Future? Well to be perfectly honest, it’s because I’m graduating. As a 21-year old soon-to-be college graduate, the Future is a scary, exciting, looming, approaching, grey and fuzzy entity that will soon be my life. As of right now, January 14th, I have no idea where I will be living, who I will be spending my time with, or what my job will be.

Concur Technologies and The Walt Disney Company are the two front-runners for employment. That could change in a month. Concur has been an exemplary professional and exciting place to start a career. The internship program they offer is second-to-none and the team I work with is made up of some of the best people and role models I’ve ever met. Disney is a passion. Disneyland and Walt Disney World are where some of my fondest memories have been made. The first stuffed animal I ever owned was a Simba doll, which I still have. The College Program was a challenging, grueling experience that paid off in personal growth and development.

The West coast has always been home to me, despite having been born in Louisville, Kentucky. We relocated when I was 2. After graduating and leaving Pullman, Washington you’ll likely find me in Seattle or maybe somewhere in California. If I could pick anywhere in the world it’d be London. If a company asked┬áme to relocate to Europe, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Marketing and communications are my fields of study and my primary interests. My experience includes a variety of marketing aspects including analytics, event strategy, email campaigns, account-based strategy, and brand management. Additionally, I’ve worked in a recruiting role for the Concur internship program and as a tour guide helping to recruit new students to Washington State University.

I hope that gives you some clarity on who I am and where I’m going. Keep checking back here for more over the next four months.

– Bri